Safe Removal

Safe removal of tattoos

Tattoo removal safely and effectively removes unwanted tattoos using a Q-Switched ND: YAG laser which targets tattoo pigmentation while preserving outer-laying tissues. During the treatment energy is absorbed by the pigmentation causing it to shatter into microscopic particles that the immune system, over a period of time, removes from the skin resulting in gradual removal of the tattoo.

Average number of treatments:
8-16 treatments

*Number of treatments are dependent on many factors such as the age of the tattoo, type of and color of the ink within the skin, depth of the tattoo and whether the tattoo was done by a professional , amateur or if it was homemade.

Hair Removal

At Enhancing Light we have the safest and most effective method of permanent hair removal available today. Laser hair removal is the only effective and long lasting solution to removing unwanted body hair. Unwanted hair is a normal part of aging and a very common cosmetic problem for both men and women. No more shaving, tweezing, […]

tattoo removal

Tattoo Removal

Our advanced laser tattoo removal technology removes your tattoo safely, quickly and in most cases without leaving a scar. No matter the size, color, location or age of the tattoo, our lasers get the ink out without damaging the skin.