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Cold Weather Skin Problems

Cold, dry weather dishes out tons of abuse to your delicate skin, and it can be a pain trying to combat winter’s effects on your complexion. To help you make it through the rest of the season without having your skin pay the price, we’ve compiled these common cold weather skin problems along with some helpful solutions to fix them.

 Cold Weather Skin Problem #1 – Dryness

Colder than usual temperatures, low humidity and heated air in homes and offices create the perfect recipe for dry skin. Skin appears more dull and flaky, and fine lines may become more visible. You might also notice that your usual moisturizer just isn’t getting the job done, since dryer winter air causes moisture to evaporate more rapidly from your skin. But, there’s hope! Try switching to an oil-based moisturizer which will help trap moisture in your skin. Avoid harsh soaps and cleansers, and consider using a humidifier in your home to add some much needed moisture to your winter environment. For a super-boost of moisture to delicate facial skin, a facial is an excellent solution. This non-invasive cosmetic treatment delivers a nourishing serum  to the epidermis, instantly revealing more healthy looking skin.

 Cold Weather Skin Problem #2 – Sun Damage

Even though you don’t feel as much of the sun’s heat in winter, it can still damage your skin. Clear, cold, sunny winter days leave you more exposed to harmful UV radiation. If there’s a lot of snow in your area, it can make matters even worse by reflecting dangerous UV rays up from the ground. To combat the effects of winter sun, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to face, hands and any other parts of your body that will be exposed before you head outdoors each day. If you’ve already noticed some winter sun damage showing up on your skin, cosmetic treatments like chemical peels can help reverse it.

 Cold Weather Skin Problem #3 – Redness and Irritation

The chill of winter can leave you with rosy cheeks, but for some that rosiness is a sign of something more serious. Rosacea and eczema are two skin conditions that can get worse with cold temperatures. The telltale redness of rosacea and the itchy, irritated patches of eczema that often appear in winter can be managed with a revised winter skin care routine. Washing with warm – not hot – water, switching to oil- or glycerin-based cleansers, and covering exposed facial areas with scarves and hats can help keep these skin conditions from flaring up during winter. Laser skin rejuvenation has also proven effective in reducing the redness associated with rosacea.

 Cold Weather Skin Problem #4 – Paleness

Hate the look of pale winter skin staring back at you in the mirror? Adding bronzers and illuminators to your makeup routine can help add a little extra glow to lifeless skin. But for those wanting a longer-lasting option, a spray tan is an easy solution until warmer weather returns.

Don’t fight the battle against winter-ravaged skin on your own! Contact us today and let us help you keep your skin feeling and looking its best this winter.